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DittyTV's Concert Series

  • 2020
  • TV-G
  • 1 Season
  • 9 Episodes

DittyTV’s Concert Series features live performances from today’s best Americana and Roots artists in an intimate setting. Watch award-winning and soon-to-be discovered artists from six of the seven continents (watch out Antarctica), including acts such as Larkin Poe, Samantha Fish, Marcus King, Erin Rae, Chuck Mead, and many more.

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  • Cyrena Wages


Chuck Mead - Emerging as one of the finest roots-rock artists out there with the GRAMMY-nominated band BR-549, Chuck Mead has continued to impress audiences around the world with his dignified and self-assured performance style. Watch as Mead and his band share music, stories, and more on DittyTV’s Concert Series.
Charley Crockett - DittyTV’s Concert Series presents an hour of music and conversation with Texas troubadour Charley Crockett. Crockett’s got that old-school country-blues sound, full of Texas flavor and attitude, drawing on traditional styles and making them entirely his own.
Lucero - One of the world’s hardest working Americana Rock bands, Lucero, takes the stage this week on DittyTV’s Concert Series. Versatile and resilient, this band of over 20 years knows how to put on a live show.
Larkin Poe - Nashville-based sister-duo Larkin Poe has been mesmerizing people far and wide with their smooth and confident performances. They're creating their blend of blues-rock that’s got incredible energy, as you’ll see on this episode of DittyTV’s Concert Series.
Samantha Fish - If you're looking for assurance in a performer with a lighthearted touch, an adventurous song style and musical technique, then look no further than Samantha Fish.The New Orleans native performs live on Ditty TV's Concert Series.
Marcus King - DittyTV’s Concert Series guest this week is The Marcus King Band. Their unique combination of Southern rock, psychedelic soul, and South Carolina grit makes them an all-out captivating band to watch live.
Greyhounds - Ditty TV is proud to present the performance of a band that's been writing and working together since the late '90s. Growing out of the vibrant Austin, Texas music scene and creating one of the most distinctly funky and effortlessly groovy sounds around- that's right, we're talking about Greyhounds.
Jaime Wyatt - Join Americana outlaw Jaime Wyatt as she shares stories and songs this week on DittyTV’s Concert Series. She’s a wildcard with a maverick personality, an outsider with insider ties, and an all-around outstanding songwriter and performer.
Erin Rae - This week on DittyTV’s Concert Series, we welcome Nashville songwriter Erin Rae, whose Single Lock Records release Putting on Airs made DittyTV’s Best Albums of the Year list in 2018.

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